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With the “BEe RESeT” ecological beehive we have created a corner where you can retreat from the daily routine, take time for yourself, relax and calm down. It is designed to awaken all our senses. Press the RESET button, come in, and let it go. Nature and the bees will do the rest.

100% Ecological


From the outset, we knew a regular beehive was not enough; what we had in mind was a temple for bees. A place in which we enter and show our respect for the bees. A room in which graceful energy embraces us, and helps us to calm down, to relax, and to ‘reset’. It is a space meant for relaxation, to unwind, to reflect, to create. You can also spend the night in it.

Walking barefoot on the wooden floor, the smell of bees, propolis and honey, inhalation of medicinal aerosols from the beehive, lying in the apiary, meditative buzzing of the bees and relaxation in the so-called anti-stress corner, the observation room, all of that conjures up memorable moments in our ‘BEe RESeT‘ apiary.


Sleeping in our bee house is a special experience providing you with the evening tranquillity of nature, and in the meantime, the bees resume their busy schedule. Two people can spend the night in the house. When the clear sky reveals thousands of stars, one can start picturing a fairy tale from One Thousand and One Nights while sitting on soft cushions and gazing through panoramic windows.

It can accommodate two adults. Towels, toiletries, bed linen, cleaning and BREAKFAST are included in the price.

If you wish to experience spending the night in the apiary surrounded by 1001 (or more) bees, RESERVE now or send us an Inquiry for any additional information.

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Since there is no kitchen in the apiary, you can use the summer kitchen, which is 30 meters away, for dining and preparing meals. We serve a homemade breakfast, mainly from local providers. The breakfast is included in the price.


Relaxation helps to unburden us, to overcome psychophysical issues, insomnia, restlessness, and exhaustion. Lying on beehives while listening to the buzzing sound is one way to loosen ourselves. The vibrations from bees have a calming effect and reduce stress; the sound can make us fall asleep or we can simply rest and listen to the bees, meditate, and even read if it suits us.

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Wakefulness is being aware of one’s immediate presence and accepting our inner and outer happenings in it. When we are wakeful, we are present here and now, and unburdened by the past and future.

Sitting in the apiary observation room or the so-called anti-stress corner, perceiving the activity of bees in their daily routines is one method of redirecting our thoughts to what is happening here and now. By focusing on the bees, we dismiss our everyday worries and issues, the body physically and mentally calms down and rests.


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‘Wonderful fragrance in the apiary always soothes me. I come back home feeling good as new’, our late uncle Rafko loved to tell – he decided to become a beekeeper during his fight with a serious illness. He was convinced it was the beekeeping work itself which invigorated him and cured him of the disease.

He clearly saw the medicinal value of aromatic air in the apiary. Its effects on a person are beneficial, especially today when air pollution causes more and more respiratory diseases, allergies, and other pulmonary illnesses.

Bee air is an aerosol containing essential oils, flavonoids, honey, pollen, propolis, and other healing substances. Bee wings affect ventilation in hives and all of the afore-mentioned medicinal substances are thus disseminated through the air. Inhalation of bee air from the hive helps us to overcome stress, psychophysical issues, insomnia, restlessness, exhaustion.

In our apiary, there are three ways to breathe bee air:

  • we open the door of the beehive and consciously inhale the healing bee scents deeply for a while;
  • we place the “api-chamber” on the bed, lie down on a side, breathe the bee air and listen to the buzzing; we can also fall asleep, take a nap;
  • intensive inhalation with a mask (we recommend a maximum of 15 minutes once a day)


There are no free-flying bees in the apiary, but just like anywhere else, some can get inside through an open window or door. We recommend that you close the door and protect the windows with curtains.

There is always the possibility of a sting, so we do not recommend staying for those allergic to bee stings, and we do not assume any responsibility in the event of a sting.

It may happen that during your stay there is an urgent matter with the bees, in which case we will ask you for a permission to enter the apiary and arrange the matter.

The apiary follows a special ‘api’ etiquette:

  • enter without electronic devices which interfere with bee frequencies;
  • take your shoes off and be mindful of cleanliness, which the bees require;
  • no food on your person, it attracts small animals that enter the hive to disturb and to threaten the bees;
  • try not to drown out the buzzing of bees, talk and walk quietly, and calmly

As a result, the bees will be grateful and will enrich us with their benevolent energy, and we will leave the apiary relaxed and satisfied.

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